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SharkPod #92 ”Becoming the Übermensch” - Friedrich Nietzsche

SharkPod #92 ”Becoming the Übermensch” - Friedrich Nietzsche

October 13, 2021

What is up SharkNation! 

On this episode, Luke and Mark dig into Frederick Niche's philosophy on becoming the Übermensch.

Niche's practical approach to self improvement should be interesting to any listerer who is striving to be the best version of themselves. 

Luke and Mark cover the three metamorphoses described by Niche in his book Thus spoke Zarathustra. 

Metamorphosis 1: The Camal. The Camel does what society expects and plays by the rules. He does well but becomes resentful over time. 

Metamorphosis 2: The Lion. The Lion rejects cultural norms and rebels against values that society tries to force on him. 

Metamorphosis 3:The Child. The Child represents pure creation and freedom. The last step on the way to being superman. 

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SharkPod #91 ”NFTs- the Future of Art?”-  Niamh Aughney (NFT Artist)

SharkPod #91 ”NFTs- the Future of Art?”- Niamh Aughney (NFT Artist)

October 6, 2021

What is Up SharkNation!


On this episode Luke and Mark sit down with Artist (and NFT advocate), Niamh Aughney. 

What is an NFT? 

Simply put "A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items like art, video clips, music, and more". 

Niamh breaks down the NFT world for Luke and Mark describing her journey and the future of art sales. 

Key takeaways:

1. It pays to be an early adopter. Bitcoin is currently up 56k% since inception about 10 years ago. NFTs have the power to create new ways of doing business and it's important to understand the latest trends so you can exploit them. 

2. It's easy to get started (

3. In 2021 and beyond, international exposure is key. NFTs allow you to sell internationally without the hassle of shipping stock.

4. Being left behind is a real risk. If you are relying on the old ways of selling, while living in the the digital world, it will be hard for you to keep up.


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SharkPod #90 ”Going Global with the Tweeting Goddess” - Samantha Kelly

SharkPod #90 ”Going Global with the Tweeting Goddess” - Samantha Kelly

September 29, 2021

What is up SharkNation!

On this episode Luke and Mark catchup with the Samantha Kelly, Social Media Strategist, International Speaker, Author and Trainer, AKA the "Tweeting Goddess".

Samantha is also the founder of Women's Inspire Network (a global network for female entrepreneurs). Samantha is also a Tedx and public speaker and has been building her online presence since she launched her first business -"Funky Goddess" (a gift box company aimed at teenaged girls). 

Key Takeaways:

1. Be a content producer rather than a consumer. We live in the new age of communication. It will be those who communicate in the most effective way, to the most amount of people who will win. Make sure you are building your presence and exposing your business on social channels.

2. Social media is a game that can be learned. Samantha's company teaches individuals and companies to be successful on social. There is no excuse for unengaging content.

3. Thinking global is key to success. We have so much reach because of the internet. Exposing yourself and your business to the wider world should be a priority.

4. Start today. People are hungry for relevant, engaging content. Look at what your competitors are doing and try to build a presence that better engages with your target audience. 

For more information on the Tweeting Goddess:

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SharkPod #89 ”Saving the World - One Receipt at a Time” -The Founders of Receipt Relay

SharkPod #89 ”Saving the World - One Receipt at a Time” -The Founders of Receipt Relay

September 22, 2021

What is Up SharkNation! 

On this episode Luke and Mark chat to the 3 guys behind Receipt Relay - a tech startup based out of Galway Ireland. 

Receipt Relay is a mobile app developed by three forward thinking young entrepreneurs. Each of them saw the limitations of paper-based receipts in the current world and wanted to build something to solve for the wasteful production of paper based receipts at the EPOS station. 

Joe Hennigan - Co-Founder and CMO, Seán Finnegan - Co-Founder and CEO and Luke Slemon - CTO have been working on the launch of the App since 2019 and have already seen traction with some of the biggest EPOS suppliers around.

Key Takeaways:

1. You have more time than you think. Two of the guys are still in college and still find time to build this business.

2. Zoom out: What could you do with your business if you thought in 20 year terms?

3. If you can make money and help the environment everyone wins.

4. People won't care if you try and fail: Especially if you're young, you'll have time to dust yourself off and try again so you might as well give it a go before you have more responsibilities. 

For more info on Receipt Relay:

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SharkPod #88 ”Distilling with Science, Community & Nature” - Viki Baird and Pat O’Brien - Stillgarden Distillery

SharkPod #88 ”Distilling with Science, Community & Nature” - Viki Baird and Pat O’Brien - Stillgarden Distillery

September 15, 2021

What is Up SharkNation!

On this episode, Luke and Mark sit down with Viki Baird and Pat O'Brien of Stillgarden Distillery.

Stillgarden is an independent distillery in the heart of Inchicore, Dublin 8 bringing the spirit of prosocial disruption to the world through science, community & nature.

They have also put together an in-person experience for those wanting to get a better understanding of how their spirits are made. 

Key takeaways:

1. It's never too late to change: Pat tells us that he started of his working life as a builder but has found his passion in crafting and distilling spirits that his customers love.

2. Be flexible: The lauch of the business coincided with the most serious pandemic in 100 years. They had to pivot to an ecomm first business and learn to fulfil orders for customers online.

3. People want to buy from a brand they connect with. It's up to you to cultivate that feeling. In the case of Stillgarden, you can go visit them in person, see the impact they are making on the community and test the product where it's made.

4. Packaging in any industry is important but in the drinks industry it's vital to get right. Stillgarden uses the fractal of the chemical make up of the liquid inside the bottle as the label as an homage to their dedication to applying science to spirit creation! 

For more info on Stillgarden see:

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SharkPod #87 ”Winning Happy” - Greg Canty - Managing Partner, Fuzion Communications

SharkPod #87 ”Winning Happy” - Greg Canty - Managing Partner, Fuzion Communications

September 8, 2021

What is up SharkNation!

On this episode Luke and Mark chat to marketing veteran and podcaster, Greg Canty - Managing Partner with Fuzion Communications, Producer of Win Happy Podcast. 

Greg joined Fuzion in 2003, bringing a strong commercial aspect to the business. He is a qualified accountant who held senior roles within the drinks industry for Heineken and Guinness including posts as General Manager. Greg also had a chain of music stores in a number of locations around Ireland.

Greg works with clients on their Communications Strategies and he develops digital marketing strategies and implementation plans for clients and supports these with the Fuzion digital marketing team. He also provides social media consultancy and support to the Crisis PR team.

Greg is a social media enthusiast, an avid writer and social commentator and is considered to be one of the leading B2B bloggers in Ireland. His regular B2B blog and the Fuzion blog, which he manages, have attracted a large following with many of the submissions featuring in national publications. Greg produces the Win Happy podcast as well as podcasts for a number of clients..

In conjunction with the Fuzion design team, Greg developed the globally successful anti-cyberbullying infographic ‘Safebook’, which led to a Chambers Ireland national CSR award.

Greg's marketing and PR agency has been around for 20 years and on this podcast he provides deep insight into the world of communications as well as the story of how a qualified accountant got into the marketing business.

Key takeaways:

1. Where you start doesn't have to dictate where you end up. If you start out as an accountant, don't feel like you have to follow that path forever.

2. Career variety makes for a good story. Greg has worked in lots of different fields from the music business to drinks distribution. 

3. Ad clicks matter in marketing, but so do soft communications. In a world where anyone can have a blog, an article in the newspaper might be even more powerful than PPC, but harder to measure.

4. Embrace change. Greg has seen the value of new technology emerging in the marketing scene and has started his own podcast (Win Happy) to share his thoughts on business and life.

For more information you can see:
or get in touch with Greg here:

Also if you would like to listen to more of greg you can get his podcast "Win Happy" here:

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SharkPod #86 ”News Over Audio” Gareth Hickey - CEO, Noa

SharkPod #86 ”News Over Audio” Gareth Hickey - CEO, Noa

September 1, 2021

What is up SharkNation!

On this episode Luke and Mark sit down to chat to Co-Founder/CEO of Noa - Gareth Hickey.

Noa (News Over Audio) is an application that allows users to access audio versions of some of the best news articles from the most respected sources in the world including the FT, the Economist and the Harvard Business Review. 

Gareth started the business after working in equity research and being frustrated with the lack of quality, digestible insights available from mainstream media sources.

With Noa - patrons get the very best articles from the most respected publishers for a fraction of the price of subscribing to all the individual news outlets.

Key takeaways:

1. Pick a big market - Luke and Mark discuss TAM (total addressable market) for the Noa app and the possibilities are endless.

2. Business development for the win: Partnerships allow you to leverage other business's customers and can be an engine for growth - Gareth discusses how partnerships with airports could be a great way for them to grow the business.

3. Track the metrics that matter: there is little point in growing your userbase if the cost of acquisition is more that the LTV (lifetime value of a customer).

4. If you want to work with big companies - patience is key. Account based selling takes time - even if you have a great value proposition - the big players will move slower than you think they should.

For more information on Noa:

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SharkPod #85 “From Kilkenny to Hollywood” - Tomm Moore, Co-Founder - Cartoon Saloon

SharkPod #85 “From Kilkenny to Hollywood” - Tomm Moore, Co-Founder - Cartoon Saloon

August 25, 2021

What is up SharkNation!

On this episode, Luke and Mark chat to film maker and co-founder of Cartoon Saloon -Tomm Moore. 

Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon is a five-time Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, BAFTA and Emmy nominated animation studio formed by Paul Young, Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey. From award-winning shorts to feature films and TV series, Cartoon Saloon has carved a special place in the international Animation industry. The studio is best known for its animated feature films The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner and Wolfwalkers. 

Tomm describes how he got involved with animation and how the company has grown over the last 22 years, employing hundreds of staff locally. 

Key Takeaways:

   1. In the age of the internet, you can build a business anywhere. Kilkenny - a small city in the middle of Ireland can be the base for a business that conquers an industry. You don't have to go to London or NYC anymore.

2. Don't expect overnight success - sometimes it's time in the game that pays off. Be patient and make great work - the rest should fall in to place over time.

3. If you have an artistic child - encourage them as much as possible -  they could grow up to be an Academy Award nominee, like Tomm.

4. Focus on your strengths and hire for gaps. Tomm mentioned that they have brought in a very experienced MD to help maintain and grow the business, so the creators can get on with creating. 

5. If you're passionate about something, it is possible to build a business and life around that. You don't have to settle for a career you don't like just because it pays well.

For more information on Tomm and Cartoon Saloon:

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SharkPod #84 “Finance as a Business Tool” - Gary Grimes, MD Simplí Business Finance

SharkPod #84 “Finance as a Business Tool” - Gary Grimes, MD Simplí Business Finance

August 18, 2021

What is up SharkNation!

On this Episode Luke and Mark chat to Gary Grimes about his business (Simplí Business Finance) and how SMEs should think about raising non-bank finance in Ireland. 

Founded by Gary Grimes in 2020, originally the company's name was GDG Business Finance but just this month have rebranded/renamed to Simplí Business Finance. They are an SME Finance consultancy firm, who specialises in building tailored funding solutions for Irish companies depending on their financial need. Simplí is one of Irelands fastest growing business finance intermediaries and also and an award-winning business having picked up “ Best SME Finance Consultancy Company 2021” at the Irish Enterprise Awards hosted by EU Business News.

Gary who leads the team in Simplí had over 15 years of experience in the finance industry and has worked with countless numbers of SMEs in all sectors raising finance. Gary is part of a prestigious group of individuals who are accredited thought leaders in their fields of work by the All Ireland Business Foundation. He was the first in Ireland to be accredited as a Thought Leader by the foundation in the area of SME and Commercial Finance.

The conversation dives into Gary's entrepreneurial journey, as well as how working for an Irish startup gave him the appetite to go out on his own. 

Key takeaways:

1. It's never a perfect time to start your business (Gary was expecting a child and the pandemic was just about to kick off). You might as well get going sooner - rather than later.

2. What could you do with your business if you had access to more capital? Through alternative financing - businesses have the opportunity to leverage huge pools of capital and should see alt finance as a growth vehicle. 

3. See opportunity in market deficiencies. Ireland is behind when it come to alternative financing of businesses. Can you fill the gap?

4. Businesses with multiple streams of income are more robust. Look to build this into your business strategy from the start. 

5.  The Irish market is small - build your business so it can be a success in different territories. The world's a big place.

For more on Gary and his business:

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SharkPod #83 “Cyber Security Advice from an Ethical Hacker” - Carson Owlett, CEO Black Mirage

SharkPod #83 “Cyber Security Advice from an Ethical Hacker” - Carson Owlett, CEO Black Mirage

August 11, 2021

What is up SharkNation!


On this episode, Luke and Mark sit down with CEO of Black Mirage (a cyber security firm in the US) to chat about how you can protect yourself form potential attacks.


The guys also get the inside scoop on the hacker world, how it works, who is involved and what's at stake. 


Carson's firm helps businesses protect themselves from bad actors by staging attacks to reveal weaknesses. 


The key takeaways:


1. Cyber attacks can affect everyone online so you had better figure out how to protect yourself. 

2. Hacking groups can be well organised, like military units.

3. There are certain unwritten rules about hacking - infrastructure is supposed to be off limits

4. There is a great business opportunity in the space if you can build (or hire) the required skills.


 For more info on Black Mirage:

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